Brief History

Ghalboun resides in Jbeil district at an altitude of 500 meters, surrounded by Ain Kefaa, Ghbalin, Beja and Hakel, Aabaidat, Shamat, Hsarat and Maad from the west.
The etymology of the word Ghalboun is “Albona”, a Syriac-Aramaic word, which means strong and tough. It was mentioned in the Holy Bible under Albona’s name; meaning sword in Syriac according to the historian Anis Freiha.
Ghalboun’s population accounts for 1500 with 155 residences. The majority of its people are employed in the public and private sector, while the minority works in the agricultural sector.
Ghalboun’s crops include almonds, olives, vine, figs and all types of fruits and vegetables that grow in middle areas.