• Oil-Test-1

    Olive oil testing 2012

    Following Ghalboun Municipality’s request, specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture visited the town to test the quality of Ghalboun’s olive oil. The purpose was to help farmers acknowledge the quality of their products; they were even given advice and recommendations …..

  • Oil-Tasting-Festival-15

    Olive’s Day 2012

    As an annual tradition, Ghalboun’s municipality celebrates Olives Day and has olive oil tasting around St. Georges church where the smell of tabbouleh, fattoush, labne and other traditional Lebanese platters made with olive oil filled the air. This traditional dinner …..

  • Naghamat-12

    Lebanese evening 2012

    Naghamat band consisted of seven musicians, performed at the Lebanese Evening. They played Lebanese songs from our heritage for the legends Fairouz, Zaki Nasif, Sabah, Salwa El Atrib, Abdel Wahab and other artists. The members of the bands are Sanaa Shibani, Salma Hilal, …..

  • Music-Festival-33

    Music Festival 2012

    Reverend Jean Jabbour from Bejje town, near Ghalboun, performed in the festival this year. The band of Rock n’ Bach school performed the opening and closing acts where several talented students sang and played music. Deputies of Jbeil district, ElHajj …..