• Medical-Day-8

    Medical day with Lions club 2013

    In May 2013, Ghalboun’s Municipality, along with Lions Club, organized a free medical day in St. Georges Church’s salon in which eye, diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides testing were conducted by 15 doctors and nurses. For more photos, click on the …..

  • Mgr-Youhana-Mass-14

    Bishop Youhanna El Khoury’s Mass

    After his ordination by Cardinal Bechara Botros El Rai in Bkerki in October 2013, the new bishop celebrated mass in his town Ghalboun with Father Pierre El Khoury and Brother Johnny Charbel, in the presence of Architect Elie Gebrayel, Ghalboun’s Mayor, …..

  • Hat-Competition-10

    Best hat competition 2013

    One of Ghalboun’s festival activities is choosing the best ladies’ hat. After the opening of the classical cars exhibition and welcoming speeches by Mrs. Victorine El Khoury, president of Ghalboun festival committee, Mayor Architect Elie Gebrayel, and Mrs. Nada Aad in …..

  • Palm-Sunday-3

    Palm Sunday 2012

    Father Sami Mehanna celebrated Palm Sunday and the procession in St. Georges church. For more photos, click on the following link

  • Sports-Day-9

    Recreational sports day 2012

    It was an entertaining day in which adults and kids participated in numerous activities such as: rappelling, zip-lining, boxing, climbing, ATV-ing, bicycling, a bungee run, gladiator competition and football. For more photos, click on the following link

  • Deputies-visit-22

    Jbeil’s deputies visit to Ghalboun

    As a part of their visit to Jbeil district, the deputy(s), Dr. Walid Khoury, Mr. Simon Abi Ramia and ElHajj Abbas Hachem visited Ghalboun where they met with the people and were informed about the challenges they are facing due …..

  • Mgr-Michel-Aoun-9

    Electing the Bishop Michel Aoun

    After electing Monsignor Michel Aoun as archbishop of Jbeil diocese, succeedimg Bechara Botros El Rai, the former archbishop, Ghalboun inhabitants, along with the mayor, Architect Elie Gebrayel, the municipality committee, Mukhtar Nader Karam, reverends Sami and Paul Akl, Mr. Gaby …..

  • Christmas-14

    Christmas 2012

    Gifts were distributed to the children in the presence of the reverend who had organized an entertaining program for them, and the event was held in the presence of the mayor, Architect Elie Gebrayel, who shared these Christmas’ cheerful moments. …..