• Patriarch-Rai-Visit-6

    Patriarch Bechara El Rai’s visit to Ghalboun 2011

    On July 17, Patriarch Bechara El Rai visited Ghalboun where he was welcomed by the village’s people along with Mayor Architect Elie Gebrayel, the Municipality’s council, reverend Sami, Mukhtar Nader Karam and Mr. Gaby Gebrayel. Additionally, the mayor gave a …..

  • Eid-El-Jeich-9

    Army Festival 2011

    On August 1, the village honored the Lebanese Army by welcoming the commandos who demonstrated skills and their toughest missions with a magnificent show, showcasing military tanks. This was followed by the mayor’s speech who welcomed and thanked the army and felicitated …..

  • Easter-3

    Easter 2011

    After the festive Easter mass, inhabitants played “Egg Battle” around the church and wished each other a happy Easter. For more photos, click on the following link

  • Parade-Christmass-4

    Christmas Parade 2011

    Christmas celebrations this year weren’t just about getting gifts from Santa Claus; a Christmas parade was organized playing cheerful Christmas songs along Ghalboun’s streets. The children were happy, with bright eyes and big smiles, and followed the mayor, Architect Elie …..

  • Recital-17

    Religious concert 2011

    The municipality of Ghalboun organized a religious Christmas concert at St. Georges’ church with St. Mansour Choir-Naccache lead by the singer, Abdo Monzer. For more photos, click on the following link

  • Chrismtass-11

    Christmas 2011

    Ghalboun’s municipality and Santa Claus presented Christmas gifts to the kids, in addition to presenting Christmas cakes to widows, giving them joy at that special time. For more photos, click on the following link

  • Frederic-Vaysse-2

    Piano recital 2010

    In the framework of the commemoration of the death of Mr. Antoine Choueiry, Jbeil festivals celebrated the 200th anniversary of the death of Fredric Chopin with a piano concert with international artist, Frederic Vaysse Knitter, which took place at St. Georges’ church, …..

  • Christmas-Recital-6

    Christmas 2010

    Children living in Ghalboun and the area celebrated Christmas. The mayor, Architect Elie Gebrayel, organized an event in which Santa Claus distributed Christmas gifts to them. The municipality also organized a Christmas concert in which the choir of St. Mansour-Naccache, …..

  • Congratulation+Mass-5

    Mass and Felicitations 2010

    After the elections, Ghalboun’s reverend organized a mass of gratitude, followed by felicitations to the new mayor and the municipality’s council in the church’s salon. For more photos, click on the following link