Ghalboun amongst the first twenty municipalities in Lebanon

The Municipality of Ghalboun participated in the conference organized by UN-HABITAT at UNESCO Palace, Beirut, and entitled “Lebanon’s Municipalities’ conference 2012” in the framework of the competition of municipal initiatives aiming at reinforcing decentralization in Lebanon. The conference was held for two days with a large participation from municipalities from all over the Lebanese districts. Day one included speeches about the importance of the conference, its role, purpose and results; whereas, day two included a set of workshops in which a special training manual was launched. Moreover, during these two days an exhibition was organized encompassing the 21 municipalities participating in the competition and through which the municipalities got the chance to exchange expertise and take advantage of the existing municipal diversity. In conclusion, appreciation trophies were presented to the municipalities and awards were presented to the best three of them. The municipalities who participated were: El Faihaa, higher Chouf, Iklim El Tifah and Jabal Amel, Nahle municipalities, Bsharri, Jbeil, Jdaide-El Baouchrieh, Al Sedd, Ehmej, Hamana, El Ghbairi, Kabb Elias-Wadi Elyem, El Aadaise, Ghalboun, Dahr El Ahmar, Aitaroun, El Khyam, El Nmaire, Haret Hrek, El Ksaibe and Nahr Ibrahim.

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