Honoring the Journalist Mr. Emil El Khoury in Hilton Hotel-Habtoor

The president presented him with a medal, while Ghalboun celebrated his achievements. On this occasion, several personalities delivered speeches: the president of the Municipal Council, Architect Elie Gebrayel, Minister of Information, Walid El Daouk, who represented the president, Deputy Nayla Toueini, as he is one of Al Nahar newspaper’s essential pillars, and Mr. Raouf Abou Zaki, Executive President of the Economic and business group. In addition, several deputies, ministers, military men, journalists, media representatives, reverends, former Minister, Mrs. Layla Soleh Hmede, Emile El Khoury’s family and Ghalboun’s inhabitants were all present. At the end, Mr. Emile Khoury gave a speech thanking the President Michel Sleiman on the noble gesture of honoring him while he’s still alive.

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