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Dear beloved people of Ghalboun,

Dear friends of Ghalboun,

I am addressing you today on the occasion of Ghalboun’s website launching. This project has always been on top of the municipality’s priorities as it is an essential tool to secure communication between the citizens and the municipality through a clear vision aiming at transforming Ghalboun into a typical green village free of pollution. That is why, for the past several years we have carried out afforestation campaigns in which children and adults took part. We wanted Ghalboun to be a village of joy, so we organized musical and cultural festivals reflecting the warm welcome and hospitality of our beloved village which seeks to secure adequate and decent living for its people.

For this reason, the municipal council had undertaken a local modern management policy aiming at meeting the needs of the citizens while taking into consideration their opinions and suggestions in the framework of the decision-making process. Therefore, in the past we’ve held a lot of meetings to discuss this issue in order to ensure a better quality of life in the future.

For this reason, the municipality created this website to be a link between us, where the latest municipality news will be published. It will be also a platform allowing each citizen to submit an official document to the municipality by filling out the forms available on the website. Our ambition for this project doesn’t stop here; we plan to provide more techniques to this site in the near future to allow citizens to submit their requests directly from home, without having to reach our offices, where replies will be provided quickly. This technology is only available in developed countries and in this case Ghalboun will be the first in Lebanon to apply it.

I invite you to the consolidate cooperation for the good of Ghalboun through several points that we are planning to reach in order to achieve sustainable development for the coming generations who will continue this journey by assuming their responsibility towards them at first, and towards Ghalboun and others. You can only achieve this goal through loyalty and transparency, through cooperation in hard times, the respect of mutual political, cultural and religious views, equality and freedom. Therefore, we must respect the environment that we’re living in, protect the cultural heritage of Ghalboun and the  surrounding regions, and abide by the Lebanese laws. I invite you as well to protect roads and drive safely in order to prevent road accidents, protect the trees from fire and invest in the cultural, artistic and educational projects and medical services. Through you I invite our emigrants to follow up on Ghalboun’s projects and to visit us at least during their summer vacations, to ensure communication between residents and emigrants. All of this will lead later on to the participation in the welfare of the society at which we all aspire.

Our activities and ambitions are infinite thanks to your constant support that motivates us to achieve the best projects in order to secure the sustainable development of our beloved Ghalboun.

I would like to conclude by emphasizing on the fact that this municipality is for all the people of Ghalboun and represents everyone. Our hands are stretched out to work together and we look forward to achieve the desired goals.

Long live Ghalboun, the typical green village for its entire people

Architect Elie Gebrayel

Mayor of Ghalboun