member - Ingénieur Elie Rouphael Gebrayel

Architect Elie Rouphayel Gebrayel

Born in 1952

Founder and Owner of Erga Group Company

More than 36 years of experience in the architecture field

Member of the board of trustees of the Maronite documentation and research center

Member of the board of trustees of the civil influence forum (CIH)

Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Vice president of the architecture faculty’s advisory council at the Lebanese American University

Head of christian entrepreneurs association of Lebanon (EDC)

Current Mayor of Ghalboun’s Municipality


member - Docteur Ziad Ibrahim Bassil

Dr. Ziad Ibrahim Bassil

Born in 1971

Bachelor degree in pharmacy from the Lebanese American University and Conas University

PHD in Alzheimer from Bordeaux University-France

Owner of Bassil pharmacy-Jounieh

20 years of expertise in Pharmaceuticals

Consultant to the Youth Against Drugs organization J.C.D

Current Vice President of Ghalboun’s Municipality


member - Elie Hares Abi Sleiman

Elie Haress Abi Sleiman

Born in 1957

Accounting expert


Member - Youssef Chahine Chahine

Youssef Chahine Chahine

Born in 1966

Architecture supervisor at Erga Group

Supervisor on site in more than 15 projects

More than 30 years of experience in the construction field

member - Dany Youssef Aad

Dany Youssef Aad

Born in 1982

Masters degree in Finance and accounting from the Lebanese University and Bordeaux University in France

Masters degree in economic informatics from the University Picardie Jules vernes in France

Consultant and auditor for the Telecommunications Minister at the mobile regulatory authority

Head of payments and accountant at Touch company

member - Ingénieur Youssef Issa El Khoury

Architect Youssef Issa El Khoury

Born in 1964

Masters degree in Architecture from Michigan University, USA

Worked at both General Motors Company and Chrysler Company in America

Professor at the Lebanese American University (12 years)

Founder of The Planner Matters

Founder and Chairman of MLR Matters International USA

16 years of expertise in training leaders in Lebanese and international companies (Making Leadership Reality – Worldwide)


member - Georges Nabih Aziz

George Nabih Aziz

Born in 1958

Bachelor degree in Physics

Works in the trade sector

Chairman of Aziz Poultry Company

Member of the current Municipal Council

In charge of works at Ghalboun’s Municipality

member - George Ibrahim Chahine

George Ibrahim Chehin

Born in 1946

Bachelor degree in Hotel Management

Member of Beirut workers trade of union 1972

Owner of Le Gaulois restaurant-Jbeil 1977

Manager of Varian Hotel- Iran 1979

Manager at Alber Ibella Company – Nigeria- Zair-Angola 1980 and in the UAE from 1981-1986

Supply manager at C.C.C, the international contracting company in Yemen –KSA-Iraq-Russia (Azerbaijan)

member - Stephan Jean El Khoury

Stephan Jean El Khoury

Born in 1959

Bachelor degree in Business from Saint Joseph University

Manager at a bank in Jbeil since 1995