Ramzi Rizk


Ramzi Rizk is a Lebanese-born entrepreneur, and founder and CTO of EyeEm; the berlin and San Francisco-based photography community and marketplace. EyeEm’s distinct blend of talented photographers sharing beautiful and authentic photos, and unique photo indexing and search technologies have made it one of the fastest growing photography platforms in the world.

The EyeEm Community now boasts 13 million photographers in over 100 countries. EyeEm’s yearly Photography Award and Festival is the largest photography competition in the world, and the company’s apps and website are regular features and award winners in both Google and Apple’s app store. Furthermore, EyeEm has regularly won various European and global awards for design, product, and technology.

Before starting EyeEm, Ramzi was a PHD candidate with years of research and lectures on the social, economic and technological aspects of privacy in Social Media. Ramzi is a passionate software architect, photographer and pianist.